Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Live the life you love and love the life you live:)

Three plane rides, one train ride, one bus ride and a short walk later, I have arrived at my destination. With the weight of my pack off my back and the tiniest bit of jet lag, I am sitting comfortably in Laura's apartment in Australia:) And, I'm proud to say I made it with not one directional casualty or mishap!

Let's take it back a step to LAX:

I find myself with my feet temporarily planted on the ground, awaiting my next flight with my passport and my final boarding pass clutched tightly. Here I am, chanting and muttering things to myself (and sometimes not so much to myself) about random flight and gate information, so the details don't slip my mind and I don't accidentally end up on an African or Asian bound plane. I am laughing at the already present, quirky accents emitting from my foreign fellow passengers. I am currently standing as I write this entry, so as to give my legs and back a sort of pre-travel treat of extended stretching time before I fold and squish myself into a 16 hour flight. My mind is racing with thoughts and my journey has not even fully begun. I am about to board my first international flight solo, I am completely out of my element and I am in love with it. Any pre-formed fear or worry that might choose to present itself is met with an equally challenging counterpart of the assurance that this is where I am supposed to be. This is a road toward a personal growth like nothing I've experienced before. My mama prayed for me before I boarded my first plane, that this would be the experience of a lifetime for me and that the angels would protect me and keep me. Well, let's do this guardian angels...I'm ready for adventure:)

Cheers to growth, knowledge and experience.

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