Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Everything we look at has a story..this is mine.

As I am traveling, I take the time to contemplate life and the lessons I am meant to learn. I feel this type of internalized pressure to gain something significant in knowledge and personal growth, which I am certain will happen..but, what I am not certain of is what will happen and what will be the events surrounding this growth. It is this uncertainty and thrill of the unknown that excites my heart, fills my dreams at night and wakes me each morning.

It is a well known cliché that an underlying purpose of traveling is to find ones self. While I am not fully subscribing to that bandwagon idea, I do know that this journey I am on will certainly entitle me to a decent bit of self-discovery. When thinking on what it is I am looking for I have decided my inner quest will be just that..I am searching for what I am searching for. The true challenge is to leave my heart, soul and mind open to all that this life has to offer..to view every opportunity and experience as a blessing, regardless of the emotions that accompany the time..to embrace every moment and encounter as an opportunity for learning and growth. We are powerful beings, capable of making or breaking the spirit of another. I believe that true happiness comes from doing for others, building others up in love and believing in the goodness of others. In order to do this however, I need to know myself better. I want to acknowledge my own strengths and weaknesses, and be content with who I am inside. This is also part of my journey.

I spend a good portion of my days with head phones plugged in, listening to the playlist of what best fits my mood for the day. I have learned however, that the best way to do this is with one headphone in and one out, leaving one ear tuned in to the world surrounding me. For me, this is how I learn the rhythm of this life. I met a musician on Fraser Island who's insight into life was incredibly inspiring. One line from his lyrics reads "when you look back on your score of life, did you dance to that symphony, do you think you got it right?". I want to dance to this life; I don't want to miss a beat.

As I sip my coffee, I am sitting at a table with two lovely elderly ladies who have ordered chips and tea. I can't help but smile when I catch the shy exchange of a smile between one woman and the older gentleman who enters the shop just after her. How beautiful is it that the heart can still blush at the possibility of love beyond youth and even adulthood. My hope is that I never give up on love and I never lose sight of the power of a smile.

My blogs, for those who find them interesting enough to follow:), will be dedicated to my attempt to capture the beauty and mysteries of life as I travel a small portion of the world. The vastness of this world never ceases to amaze me and I hope my words can do justice to all it as to offer in knowledge and experience. Cheers to flying free and living in the moment:)

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