Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Hoboken: my new home :)

Good news – no threat of me becoming the crazy bird lady…according to the sign in the park today: “Do not feed the birds! Violators will be fined up to $1000” And I’m sorry, no NY pigeon is worth that risk.

Hoboken trivia:

1) birthplace of Frank Sinatra (so marked by an awning visible from an apartment we
viewed with the words “From here to Eternity” scrolled across the top)

2) location of the first ever baseball game in US history in 1846 (so commemorated by an annual holiday celebrated in June and a replica of a baseball diamond located at a four way stop in the heart of the town

3) in the Guinness book of world records for the most bars per square mile (so demonstrated by at least 150 bars within the 1 sq mile that the town occupies)

4) home of Carlos’ Bake Shop from the TLC show “Cake Boss” (so recognized by the large crowd of drooling customers with faces pressed against the glass – yes, I will be one of them and no, there is no shame here.

5) Transportation situation: 5 minute train ride, 15 minute car ride, 10-20 bus ride, and perhaps a 30 minute swim in the Hudson if I’m ever feeling spunky and adventurous.

6) Parking is insane around these parts. Some parking garages (which there is only a few) could have waiting lists up to a year. The hunt for the parking signs can be a bit tricky, but is essential in order to evade the famous yellow boot which is adorning countless cars along the roadside

7) River Ave is the road that runs parallel to the city skyline – with skyscrapers, the Empire State building, the eternal buzz of taxi cab horns, and sailboats and cruiseliners trafficking across the Hudson River. City parks line the road with picturesque benches and green grass scattered along the way for picnics, reading, and dog walking (but remember, NO dogs allowed on the grass!) Oh yes, and this is about ½ down the road from our new apartment.

House Hunters: Hoboken, NJ (for all you HGTV fans out there – here’s a special shout out to Mama and Hannah!:) Today we shopped for apartments. I seriously felt like we were on house hunters, minus the camera crews of course. After a whole day of searching, Laura and I signed the first of our papers for our amazing and perfect apartment in Hoboken, NJ:) There is a story here, of course but it will have to come later because I’m out of time. A few thoughts for me to remember the story…Dino (not the dinosaur), a Greek restaurant owner, a Jersey real estate broker named Cosmo, hours of walking, Bruce Willis, and Felix the retired Hoboken fire marshall. That’ll do for now…more later:)!

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  1. I don't know where I would be without Hoboken Trivia. I feel complete. F.Y.I., I really dislike pigeons. I like a lot of different kinds of birds, just not pigeons. Feed the others though.