Monday, January 20, 2014

Let me see your airplane face....

We all have one..the face that is especially reserved only for the eyes of our fellow travelers on board our shared jet plane. There is the over-eager, chatty, and energetic traveler with that plastered-on smile..the one who seems to have an almost strange amount of interest in your travel itinerary and the personal details of your life. Who's this guy working for anyways?? Social cues and boundaries are lost on this one as they don't quite understand the not so subtle hints of earphones and closed eyes. This is me time..this is you is my bubble..there is your bubble. Now, sit...and stay. Good boy. Boundaries people, boundaries. Now, there is one who is not quite as extreme who does understand there are times for talking and times for resting. I am happy to engage in conversations of life with this one and absolutely love hearing their stories..if they respect the bubble:) Then you've got the anxious face..these are the ones your heart just goes out to as they sit with their knees tucked tightly to their chests, headphones pressed against their ears, eyes pinched shut and a complete look of panic stretched across their face. These are the ones who grasp frantically for something or someone to ground them as the plane jolts through the turbulent air. This one? This one is my best mate and travel partner in crime and I will hold her hand through every bump and jolt in this life. Mine happens to be a super sexy pose which inevitably involves me sleeping with a tilted back head, a gaping mouth, and a protruding tongue. The best moments are when I snap myself awake because I've suddenly realized that, yep, I was indeed just actively chomping away on an imaginary piece of popcorn or sneaking a lick from a delicious invisible ice cream cone that only I can see within my dreams from behind my closed eyes. It's also fun times to realize that the reason my previously semi-comfortable coach seat has just now become synonymous with an ultra-comfy first class seat is because I have definitely dozed off and I am now snuggling right into the coziest and fluffiest portion of my neighbors shoulder, only inches away from just cuddling straight into the crook of their neck. Some may say inappropriate...I say making friends:) When I worked in California, I had a bit over an hour of a commute to/from work every day. My morning routine consisted of me spastically jumping out of bed with only 15 minutes to get ready, followed with a half-asleep sprint down the hill to the train (hoping I was fully dressed and had not forgotten any key wardrobe components), a quick nap while riding the train, and then an even faster sprint up the escalator to catch the transfer for my next train. I realized one day while running up the escalator that I was racing up a contraption that was already designed to make my daily trek a quick one..and here I was trying to make it even quicker. I abruptly stopped, mid-sprint, and decided to simply ride the escalator to the top. I realized, I will make it to the top regardless and I might as well enjoy the ride and view it had to offer to the best of my ability. My morning experience was transformed. This life is moving fast..the days will roll on, experiences will pass, memories will form and memories will fade. But I absolutely refuse to miss the pure beauty and significance of all these moments because I am too busy racing to the top. I am simply choosing to ride the escalator...straight into South America:)

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  1. I am so glad you started your blog again!!! You have an amazing talent for writing down your thoughts...I love you so much, Baby Girl!!